Thanks for visiting. My name is Danielle.


Why do I create art and stories?


Multiple choice (choose one):

  1. Because it makes me happy to create things

  2. Because it evokes emotion

  3. Because art connects people

  4. All of the above


If you answered all of the above, you’re right! I’ve been drawing and making things since I can remember. It has only been recently that I thought about sharing it with people outside of my family and friends. My goal for this work, and this website, is to share and inspire.


Professional credentials


Business/corporate life

13+ years in B2B corporate marketing for Fortune 500 brands…

if you're interested you can check out LinkedIn here.



MBA, University of Notre Dame


Bachelor of Science, Providence College

Major in Marketing, Minor in Drawing


Continuing education classes

  • Fashion Illustration, Maine College of Art

  • Children’s Book Illustration, Rhode Island School of Design

  • Comic Book Illustration, Rhode Island School of Design


Member of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (heart).